What Our Families Say

See what parents and students have to say about classes at Allisongs for Tots.

"We feel priviledged to have had you as our first music and movement teacher. Thank you for the glee and silliness & helping Shania learn that "things go back in the box". It's a good lesson... All one can do with "things" is eventually give them away or put them back...."

Shania & Sonia

"This class has been a wonderful experience for both my child and me. Sharing music with other families is great"!

Mother of a two year old

"We love this class because it has really helped my son with socialization".

Father of an 18 month old boy

"Sarah loves to sing the hello song...all day long... this is the only CD we can listen to in the car!

Sarah's Mommy

"Griffin has learned so much in Music Class, I hope we can find this program in Australia when we move"
-Our reply:
All of your friends in Sarasota will miss you Down Under! Hurry back soon!

Leah & Griffin -Sarasota, Fl

"Ethan is singing all day long and can't wait for Music class"!

Stephanie & Ethan- Sarasota, Fl

"We took this program in New Jersey and are so happy to have found it in Sarasota"!

Christina-Hannah & Nicholas

"Ms. Alli teaches complex musical concepts in an easy to do, fun way!  No one knows they are learning an arpeggio scale... but they are!  Thank you!"

Mom of two toddler boys, Tampa

"Loved this class!  Ms. Alli is the best teacher in South Tampa"!

Mom of 4 yr old and a 9 mth old

We are singing all day long, in Spanish and English. Can't wait to come back this fall!

Grandma to 8 mth. old- St. Pete