Babies Music Class in Tampa

Maybe you’ve noticed that your baby responds when you play a song in the car or sing to soothe him. Babies are naturally musical—and you don’t have to be a great singer or dancer yourself to nurture their love of music. In this music class for babies, your Music Together® teacher will show you how you can support your baby’s music development through simple and fun activities. You’ll learn lots of musical ways to connect with your little one through music, and you’ll bond with the other new parents in your class, too.

Should I take a Babies class or Mixed Age class?

Babies classes are designed for younger babies through age 11 months. You may repeat the Babies class if your child is on the younger side when you take your first Babies class. If your child is quite active and/or walking you may be better suited for a Mixed Age class. 

Mixed Age classes and Babies classes follow the same design and format, but the Babies class generally provides more parent education and allows more time for new parents to mingle and have conversation. 

*Older siblings or school aged children are never permitted in the Babies classes.

“This place is AWESOME! I would give 100 STARS if I could! My baby is in heaven when she comes here, she is so happy and it's beautiful to watch!” —Johnathan R. 

Babies Class Schedule

Our Babies class is currently online only. Join us and set your baby on a path to a lifetime of music enjoyment---and start building friendships with other new parents in your neighborhood.

*Older siblings or school aged children are never permitted in the Babies classes.

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Babies Online Thursday
Mon 10:30 06/10/21 07/29/21 Allison Wilkins $ 150.00 Register